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Although so far only admit a form of payment via the website only bank transfer, please note that some of the products that you can order in our store will require their preparation as the case of second-hand clothes, is probable that depending on the quantity you ordered to wait 1, 2 and even 3 weeks for your product to be shipped to any destination , Before putting your money transfer via website, but you are not clear that the product you plan to order is accepted by customs in your country or have a carrier himself .com need to be documented accordingly so that after not having any kind of inconvenience.

The products , New  and customer return is ship 5 day after of you order

We make it clear to our customers that we are not a transportation company, we only sell the product

We have no responsibility for damaged product due to poor transportation by the customer.
Now it is clear that we can help clients get information about a shipping company as an aid to their complete satisfaction but we have no responsibility after the product leaves our warehouse

NATIONAL DOOR TO DOOR: We. We can help you get a carrier to shipyour merchandise via  Old Dominion Freight  or throughother companies with which you can get cheaper and operating in theUnited States and the world. You call us, we contact the carrier and youpay your shipment to receive your merchandise in many cases, sometimes you have to pay before sending the request

Our used clothing are classified by human personnel and of course isexposed to any human error in it please your understanding.

Sorted used clothing is separated and classified in grade, the unsorted clothes is sold as it comes, do not accept money back, all sales are considered final


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Mobile : 786-763-1212

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