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Export used shoes ,new shoes, sport shoes and customer return shoes

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  • Used shoes wholesale for export ,from Florida for the world with the better prices in second hand shoes -Minimun 2,000 pounds -15 % of Sport Shoes -In Sacs of 50 pounds Note : If need container quantity , please contact Via Page or Call us at : 001-786-325-2952

  • New Mix Shoes and customer return shoes of United States Namebrand ,get best discount prices for this products -Minimun 500 pairs-Kmart Department Store-Customer return Note : If need more quantity please contact us Via Page or Call us : 001-786-325-2952

  • Athletics Shoes cheap prices ,Athletics Shoes cheap for exportation wholesale ,this product is manufactured in chinese ,but with graeat quality for sale in United States market -Brand New shoes-500 Pairs minimum -Maximun containers Note : If need order more quantity of this product, please call us at (001-786-325-2952)

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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