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  • Wholesale products of florida
  • Jeans Namebrands with 30% of Levis and other namebrand famous , This product is special , is customer return with much new items - 30 % of Levis-70 % of Other Namebrand Jeans -Maybe litle mistake for do customer return shoes -Minimum 1,000 pcs Note : If need more quantity , please call us at 001-786-325-2952

  • Export new liquidations of JC Penney Products Wholesale -This product is of JC Penney Department Stores -Minimum 500 pcs -Brand New productselectro domestic brands  Note : If need order more quantity ,please contact us at : 001 -786-325-2952

  • Used shoes wholesale for export ,from Florida for the world with the better prices in second hand shoes -Minimun 2,000 pounds -15 % of Sport Shoes -In Sacs of 50 pounds Note : If need container quantity , please contact Via Page or Call us at : 001-786-325-2952

  • New Mix Shoes and customer return shoes of United States Namebrand ,get best discount prices for this products -Minimun 500 pairs-Kmart Department Store-Customer return Note : If need more quantity please contact us Via Page or Call us : 001-786-325-2952

  • Athletics Shoes cheap prices ,Athletics Shoes cheap for exportation wholesale ,this product is manufactured in chinese ,but with graeat quality for sale in United States market -Brand New shoes-500 Pairs minimum -Maximun containers Note : If need order more quantity of this product, please call us at (001-786-325-2952)

  • Grade A Used Clothing specially for Africa Market We company is specialized in export Grade A clothing for all Africa continent , this clothing -Is Sorted , minimum 2,000 pounds-Is the clothing more sold for you cheap price and product quality-Is only summer season Note : If need order container contact al (001) 786-325-2952 or Contact Page

  • We company located en Hialeah ,Florida export Used toys for Africa ,Have Tons of this product in our warehouse ,  -Minimum 2,000 Pounds -Used Toys in great conditions -We get transport for you destination ,but the customer pay you own shiipping Note : If you need import container of used toys for any country in africa , please contact us direct at :...

  • For Exportation Namebrand Clothes of Miami ,Florida United States -The minimum quantity for buy this product is 500 Pcs -Is Brand New Clothing ,include mix name brand clothing Note : If you need buy more quantity for example container , please call us at 001-786-325-2952 or send a Email via Contact Page


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Specialized in Africa

We send up to 30 containers per year

We send up to 30 containers per year, we have an established client base potentially, throughout the South Florida company with no discounts and our quality, start today ... TRY

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